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Lawyers traffic in words. The written word on a page is our business. Why should it be ugly? Why can't reading a motion feel like reading a book? Why are we stuck with Times New Roman, 12 point double-spaced when the age of the typewriter passed over thirty years ago?

We live in a time when we can easily publish documents which look professional and classy and leave an impression of quality before the first word is ever read. There are a couple of excellent resources out there which clearly explain how to make documents which look amazing using nothing more sophisticated than Microsoft Word. I have found Matthew Butterick's Practical Typography to be indispensible and it is my go-to guide for formatting just about anything. I have also found a great source of inspiration and a creative launching pad for type at

If you are in the business of writing in any capacity, take a day and absorb this information.

All of the fonts on this site come from Google Fonts. The body font is Source Sans Pro and the font for the headings is Alegreya. The small caps of Alegreya is a separate font, Alegreya SC. Alegreya is a gorgeous font which I use in all of my documents.