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Offenses Which May Not Be Expunged

Revised August 29, 2019

Any class A felony
Any offense that requires registration as a sex offender
Any felony where death is an element of the offense
Any felony assault
Any domestic assault
Any felony kidnapping
Any ordinance violation equivalent to an ineligible offense
Any motor vehicle offense or violation when the individual has a CDL
556.061 Any dangerous felony
Ch. 566 Any offense listed in chapter 566 (sex offenses)
Ch. 577 Any intoxication-related traffic, boating or aircraft offense
105.454 Additional prohibited acts by certain public officials and employees
105.478 Violation of lobbying and conflict of interest laws
115.631 Class one election offenses
130.028 Discrimination or intimidation related to elections
188.030 Abortion of viable unborn child
188.080 Abortion performed by other than a physician with hospital privileges
191.677 Prohibited acts related to HIV
194.425 Abandonment of a corpse without notifying authorities
217.360 Possession of prohibited articles in prison or jail
217.385 Violence or injury to property or others in the DOC
334.245 Abortions performed by someone other than a licensed physician
375.991 Fraudulent insurance act
389.653 Trespass to railroad property
455.085 Violation of protection order
455.538 Violation of protection order
557.035 Hate offenses
565.120 Kidnapping, 2nd degree
565.130 Kidnapping, 3rd degree
565.156 Child abduction
565.200 Sexual contact with skilled nursing facility residents
565.214 Vulnerable person abuse, 3rd degree
568.020 Incest
568.030 Abandonment of a child, 1st degree
568.032 Abandonment of a child, 2nd degree
568.045 Endangering the welfare of a child, 1st degree
568.060 Abuse or neglect of a child
568.065 Female genital mutilation
568.080 Child used in sexual performance
568.090 Promoting sexual performance by a child
568.175 Trafficking in children
569.035 Arson, 1st degree
569.040 Pharmacy robbery, 2nd degree
569.050 Arson, 2nd degree
569.055 Knowingly burning or exploding
569.060 Reckless burning or exploding
569.065 Negligent burning or exploding
569.067 Negligently setting fire to woodland, etc.
569.160 Burglary, 1st degree
570.025 (569.030) Robbery, 2nd degree
570.090 Forgery
570.180 Defrauding secured creditors
570.223 Identity theft
570.224 Trafficking in stolen identities
570.310 Mortgage fraud
571.020 Possession, manufacture, transport, repair or sale of certain weapons
571.030 Unlawful use of weapons
571.060 Unlawful transfer of weapons
571.063 Fraudulent purchase of firearm
571.070 Possession of firearm for certain persons
571.072 Unlawful possession of an explosive weapon
571.150 Use or possession of a metal penetrating bullet in a crime
574.070 Promoting civil disorder, 1st degree
574.105 Money laundering
574.115 Making a terrorist threat, 1st degree
574.120 Making a terrorist threat, 2nd degree
574.130 (578.008) Agroterrorism
574.140 (565.095) Cross burning
575.040 Perjury
575.095 (565.084) Tampering with a judicial officer
575.153 Disarming a police or correctional officer
575.155 (565.085) Endangering a corrections employee
575.157 (565.086) Endangering a mental health employee, visitor or other offender
575.159 Aiding a sexual offender
575.195 Escape from commitment, detention or conditional release
575.200 Escape or attempted escape from custody
575.210 Escape or attempted escape from confinement
575.220 Failure to return to confinement
575.230 Aiding escape of prisoner
575.240 Permitting escape
575.350 Killing or disabling a police animal
575.353 Assault on a police animal
577.078 (569.072) Water contamination
577.703 (578.305) Bus hijacking or attempt to hijack a bus
577.706 (578.310) Planting a bomb in or near a bus terminal
632.520 Offender committing violence against an employee