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Form 14 Calculator (2021)

Presumed Child Support Amount

County (do not include the word "County"):

Petitioner's Name:

Respondent's Name:

Division or Court Room:

Case Number:

Who is paying the support?

How many kids will be covered under this child support order?

The Missouri Supreme Court's instructions on the form below may be found here and the basic child support schedules may be found here.

Parent Receiving Support Parent Paying Support Combined
Monthly Gross Income:
Monthly court-ordered maintenance being received:
Other monthly child support being paid under court or administrative order:
Monthly court-ordered maintenance being paid:
Monthly support obligation for other children—
—Number of other children primarily residing in each parent's custody:
—Each parent's support obligation from support schedule:
—Monthly child support received under court or administrative order for these children:
Total adjustment:
Adjusted Monthly Gross Income:
Proportionate Share of Combined Adjusted Monthly Gross Income:
Basic Child Support Amount:
Additional Child-Rearing Cost of Parents:
Child Care Costs of Parent Receiving Support—
—Reasonable work-related child care costs of the parent receiving support:
Number of kids in work-related child care?
—Child Care Tax Credit:
Total adjusted child care costs:
Reasonable work-related child care costs of the parent paying support:
Health insurance costs for the children who are subjects of this proceeding:
Uninsured agreed-upon or court-ordered extraordinary medical costs:
Other agreed-upon or court-ordered extraordinary child-rearing costs:
Total Additional Child-Rearing Costs:
Total Combined Child Support Costs:
Each Parent's Support Obligation:
Credit for Additional Child-Rearing Costs:
Adjustment for Paying Parent's Overnight Stays—see the Line 11 directions for the appropriate credit amount:
Force Overnight Adjustment
Presumed Child Support Amount: