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DWI/DUI Defense

I just got arrested for DWI. What should I do?

I just got arrested for DWI. What should I do?
How does a DWI investigation work?
The breath test said I had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit. Do I have a defense?
What is a partition ratio and how does it affect a breath test?
What do I need to worry about concerning my driver's license?
I cannot afford to have my license suspended or revoked. Is there anything I can do?
Beware the cheap lawyer!

You should speak with a lawyer right away. When you were arrested, the officer likely took your license away and gave you a notice of suspension or revocation from the Missouri Department of Revenue (it will look like this). If you do not request an administrative hearing within fifteen days, your license will automatically be suspended or revoked and you will lose your right to a hearing or appeal.

If you are arrested for DWI you should find an attorney who fully understands the DWI detection process and the collateral effects an arrest for DWI could potentially have on your driving record. If you have a CDL, it is very important that you discuss this matter with an attorney as soon as possible—you very well may lose your CDL even if your arrest happened in your personal vehicle.

DWI investigations are grounded in decades of scientific testing on the effects of alcohol on the body. The investigations require the officer to rigorously adhere to very specific protocols when conducting the investigation. If the officer misses a step or performs a test incorrectly, then you may have a defense—but you need to find a lawyer who knows what to look for. The fact of the matter is that non-impaired drivers are sometimes charged with DWI.

At Baker Legal Services we know how the officer is supposed to conduct an investigation and why it matters. We know what signs to look for to see if you have a defense.