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Welcome to Baker Legal Services

Family Law, DWI & DUI Defense, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Expungements, Civil Lawsuits

Serving Sedalia, MO, and surrounding areas

Baker Legal Services is not satisfied with “good enough”—we are committed to excellence in all things, from family law and estate planning to criminal defense. We understand that you are placing important issues that affect your life into the hands of your lawyer. We do not take that fact for granted. At Baker Legal Services in Sedalia, MO, we will make the following commitments to you:

We will diligently attend to your concerns.

You are not a case to be worked—you are a person with a unique set of concerns and obstacles and goals. While we strive to be efficient and cost-effective in the representation of our clients, we understand that your facts and your issues are unique to you. We are committed to attending to the unique facts and circumstances affecting you.

We will answer or return your calls promptly.

One of the top complaints clients have against lawyers is when the lawyer does not return calls. Quite frankly, we do not understand why some lawyers fail to communicate with their clients. You will not have to worry about this with Baker Legal Services. We are committed, whenever possible, to return your phone calls or reply to your e-mails as soon as possible and within three business days.

We will keep you informed about your case.

As a practice, we will send you a copy of all of the documents we receive which may affect your case. As the client, you control the direction of the case and we want you to be as informed as possible. We will let you know of all settlement offers and any other developments in your case. If you have any questions on any paperwork or correspondence you receive, we would be happy to go through the paperwork with you.

We will be honest with you.

It is easy for a lawyer to tell his clients what they want to hear, to gloss over the tough decisions and hard facts and sugar-coat the truth. It is easy but it sabotages the client. At Baker Legal Services, we are committed to our integrity and will tell you the truth at all times. We will face the more difficult aspects of your issue head-on rather than pretend they do not exist.